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They stand calmly and inconspicuously in the forest, the trees! Birds live on their branches, beetles cavort in their bark and countless forest dwellers live around them, most of whom we never get to see. They remain hidden from us, and yet they are always there. The life of trees is secret, as Peter Wohlleben describes it in his books, we know little about them, and yet we are so similar to them. Trees seem unshakeable to me. The firmer their trunks are, the deeper their radiance. But it is not the trunks that support them, because what makes them so unshakeable are their roots ... and that is exactly what we have in common with them.

       What can we learn from trees?


I used to walk through the forest very unsuspectingly. Past the trees without really paying attention to them. This is no longer the case today, because I have realized that we can learn a lot more from trees than we are aware of.

When we look at trees, at first glance we only see their outer appearance, but when we look behind the scenes, we realize that the roots are much more essential to their existence - their blossoming, their fruit, their being. It is exactly the same with us. We too have an outward appearance; a form that is visible to everyone else. But what we really are is hidden inside us, in the invisible roots of our own nature: all our talents, abilities, individual gifts, our love for certain things, our dreams ... but also our way of being! Our nature, our craziness, our characteristics, our needs ... like a tree, we also need different amounts of "water".

Some people need more rest to be at their best, others less, some are night owls, others morning people - either way, like a tree, the roots are the basis for healthy growth. They ensure that our ideas grow out of us and that we can reap the rewards. If we cut them back, keep them small, don't grow out of them, we usually become unhappy, ill, tired, listless, bored ... and that's exactly what we bring to the outside world.

You realize when you have distanced yourself from the roots of your own nature, when ...

  • you no longer enjoy what you do.
  • you get tired and exhausted very quickly, even though you don't have much to do.
  • You're just still doing it without knowing why.
  • you do and do and do, but cannot reap any fruit.
  • you feel unhappy and restless without knowing the reason.


But our roots don't just live within us! 

Trees are not only strong because of their roots, but also because their roots are connected to other roots underground. The forest is a huge network of underground connections carried by fungi, also called the World Wide Wood.

For example, trees send each other nutrients, form friendships and exchange information. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But it's the miracle of nature. And there is a parallel here too: we are also invisibly connected!

We are all part of a great whole: we are part of an earth that is round, part of cultures, part of communities, part of families, and yes, also part of an ecosystem that sustains life on earth. It ensures that everything grows healthily again and again, nourishes each other and ensures that life can unfold in abundance.

And this is precisely where we come to an important point: only when we ourselves are doing well, when we ourselves are growing healthily will the entire ecosystem be strong. Quite simply, only then can we contribute exactly that. If we take a look back at the forest, we can see the same thing: only a healthy, strong tree can give something back to others, not the other way around.

This is precisely why it is so important that we start with ourselves: learning to look after ourselves, finding our way back to our roots, connecting with them and understanding that looking after ourselves is not a luxury or selfishness, but the key to change on the outside.

Only when we are connected with ourselves - the roots
of our own nature -
can we consciously change something
on the outside.

In today's world, we are used to only paying attention to the external form. We have forgotten that the much more important part that we need to pay attention to is invisible and lies within us. This part needs to be nourished again, because it is precisely from this that everything can grow. So whenever you have the feeling that you are missing something on the outside, that you are not making progress, that you wish for a different world, then pause for a moment, imagine a tree, remember the roots within yourself - your own nature - and ask yourself: Am I connected to them? Am I growing from myself? Do I bring my joy to the outside world, or do I hold it back? Am I living my own nature, or have I pruned it? Do I show my joys and myself, or do I hold back?

Whatever we want to see on the outside,
must grow out of ourselves,
otherwise it will not be there!

So ask yourself: What do you want to grow? And start to nurture it within yourself!

Make - your - Nature great again!

If this article has inspired you, I would be delighted if you would share it with others,
and join me on my mission to create a new awareness of - our own - nature.

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Thank you for being here and creating your own rewilding story. I am happy that we are creating a new consciousness for the earth together!

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