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 Earthgirl, writer, storyteller, awarded Doku-FIlmmaker & creative Colibri-Soul ...

... "You may say I am a dreamer", and that is true: Because I write and create stories for a New Earth, bring Nature Wisdom back, awaken to Rewil Yourself and reconnect with Earthmagic with my books, films, classes, podcast, studio, ... everything I do. But how did that dream happen?




At the age of 25, I had a dream: to bring change into the world with my stories, and so I co-founded my own film production company after working as a marketing and campaign manager in politics for a few years and completing my master's degree in communication and management. But what started as a "small" creative dream became a serious business within a short time, writing, creating, producing countless documentaries and image films for TV, top politicians, organizations, brands all over Europe, so that one day - at the height of my career - shortly after we had received an award for "best international campaign film", I realized that something was wrong. Because, although at that point I had achieved everything I thought I could dream of, it felt like something profound was missing in my life. That was also the moment when a book about Africa's wilderness fell into my hands and I immediately knew: I have to go there! Little little did I know ... that this was just the beginning of a completely new story for me. Or as I call it today: my personal rewilding journey ...

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It turned out that, being in Africa and reconnecting with the magic of Earth again after all this years of working and archieving, was my personal awakening to the realisation that something within this world, system and the way we life today is totally against Nature, the natural rhythm of life and everything I intuitively felt inside myself. And so I made a wild decision in the middle of elephants, lepards and old baobab trees: To change my company into rewilding myself and write my own stories about it. )Later on a shaman told me, that this is whyt they call in ancient wisdom "the initiation moment") Truth being told in a nutshell: What followed were years of travelling into the wild places of earth, learning form nature itself for my own growth, studing Ancient Earth and Nature Wisdom from a Shaman + an Indian Master and writing my first book "You Are Nature" - published 2021 by Kailash / Penguin Random House, where I share this rewilding journey of mine. Today I have written several books (more to come) and decided to bring back into this world, what I found for myself "out there" in all my work, stories, art, creations .. to empower, enlighten and awaken as much people as possible to the recconection with earthmagic, their own nature and wild dreams.<br>


What I can honestly share from my own story today, is the deep truth that I had no idea, that trusting a tiny little calling inside my own nature, one day would lead me to a crazy and magic full circle moment, where I can finally dedicate my storytelling in creating change for something that deeply drives me and comes from a place we call "heart and soul". And even less did I think that I would be starting my own creative studio - named after a real tree - writing books, co-creating with filmmakers, nature photographers, artists, indigenous elders, conservationists... from all over the world, and inspiring othes to follow their own dreams by bringing back Nature Wisdom - but here we are. "You may say I am a dreamer", but actually I am a grounded, earthy creator of dreams, because that is something I learnd the minute I saw myself as part of nature again: Every tree is capable of growing the seed of it's true nature. And that is the same potential we hold within our own nature. That is the potential of a New Earth. If we create our own rewilding stories.


"You may say I am a dreamer", but in truth, I am an earthy creator of dreams, because that is something I learned the moment I saw myself as part of nature again: Every tree is capable of growing what it carries in its nature. And that is also the potential that we carry in our own nature. This is the dream of a New Earth that is possible if we create it with our own stories and in connection with the earth.


 we are the seeds, dreamers, healers, creators of a new time!