Hey I'm anna


I am Autor, storyteller, awarded Documentary filmmaker & Founder of "The old Baobab Studio" on a heartmission to create Stories for a new earth, bring Nature wisdom back - in Books, Films & classes. Beside this, I empower female leaders and creators of a new time to turn transform their dreams, ideas and own story into seeds of change, host the podcast "Rewild yourself and spend most of my free time in the wild to capture the magic of earth with my Photography-Art. I believe: A new earth is possible. And we are here to let it grow!

THe Earthgirl Story

On a Mission

for nature, wild dreams & a new earth

After her own Awakening to the reconnection with nature and earth during a journey to africa in 2018, Anna left her own filmproduction-company and spend several years traveling the wild and ancient places of earth, learning from nature itself, shamans & indigenous cultures. before she decided to follow her Heartvision of a new earth, sharing her Story in her first book "YOU ARE NATURE" (Published 2021 2021 bei Kailash/Penguin Random House) and Focus her story-Work on bringing back what she found for herself "out there".

She believes: "A more beautiful world is possible and we have as a new Generation have to power to be the seed of change we want to see in the world. by rewilding ourselves, Bringing in wild ideas, dreams and gifts of our true nature and reconnecting our heart with the magic of earth again."

I have a dream ...

"my HEARTMISSION IS To empower, enlighteN & awaken FOR A NEW EARTH, INSPIRE to rewild yourself and turn your dreams into seeds of change."


STORIES: Anna is the author of "You Are Nature" and "Coming Home" - and is currently writing three more stories for a new Earth - rewilding 2024/2025.
FILMS: As a writer and storyteller she co-founded her own filmproduction company (Arrow Films) at the age of 25, fully producing in house from script to screen. There - as a writer, producer and creative consultent - she worked with organisations, leaders and top-politicans all over Europe, supporting them to tell their stories of change. Her films won several elections and got awared for best internatinal campaigns.
CREATION: In 2023 she founded her own studio - "The Old Baboab", a creative wilderness, built as an ecosystem, inspired by a South African tree, here to create films, stories and ideas for nature and a new earth.
NATURE: Anna has a Master of Science in Communication and Management and has learned the wisdom of nature from indigenous cultures. She believes; reconnecting with the earth is the "gold" of a new age. Therefore, one of her visions is to bring back the wisdom of nature with her stories, books, films, podcast episodes and storytelling classes.
TRIBE: With her work, she wants to close the gap between earth and people and builds a network of nature people from all over the world to co-create for films, ideas and projects for a New Earth.

Her mantra is: "Grow Wild Love Earth".
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And apart from that:

"My biggest wish by heart is that we keep the wild, wonderfull and abundant places of nature alive, and that we become a generation that loves, respects and lives in connection with earth and all beings again."


Grow Wild Love Earth!