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<span>My Stories tell the hidden wisdom nature and share the dream of a new earth. They are here to inspire, enlighten, awaken change, Spread Earthlove and guide you threw the wilderness of life. They are a reminder to believe in Magic again, and hopefully empower you to REWILD YOUR IDEAS AND DREAMS to this world.</span>

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Coming home
To yourself & a new Earth

"We're all on the same Earth journey. We are all part of a bigger connection with Nature. That is forever guiding us Home."

published international - available in english

You are nature
the journey back to the connection with nature

"The more beautiful world begins with a vision inside yourself. If you can see it within you, it will grow out of you."

published by Kailash - available in German

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"nothing is more inspiring than being in nature, discovering the ancient wisdom of earth for myself and find a creative ways to tell the hidden stories from "out there"."

PS: Find all pictures from MY BOOKS IN my NATURE SHOP!

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