Article #3

The secret

of the condor!

A few thoughts
and BAUCHgefühle to our time!

Most of the time, when we talk about nature, we talk in facts, figures and data. The same applies to the virus, which has been with us for a year now. We live in an incredibly intellect-driven world, but for me, nature is something highly intuitive. A force that communicates with us in signs and energies, giving us constant information about what is happening ...

What message could nature have at this time?

When we look around the world today, it is more than obvious: Things have gotten a little out of hand. Whether it's the climate, the disappearance of species, the loss of forests and wilderness, all of this can be seen in figures, but even more so since this year: the virus has its origins in the inappropriate treatment of nature. We know that. We can see that. But for me personally, there are other messages hidden in this time. I share them here and leave it up to you to decide whether you want to resonate with them or not. They are observations, intuitions and my gut feelings.

For many years now, rainforests in the Amazon have been burned to the ground. The lungs of the earth are on fire, you could say. In general, nature is being pushed back more and more, has hardly any space, no air to develop. The same applies to animals: they are caged, used, their habitats are disappearing and they too have hardly any space to live their natural lives. The climate is getting hotter and hotter, here too it is as if the air is burning more and more. And if we take a look at the countless poisons that are sprayed today, we can see that here too: The air is sick. Everything has little space. The situation is getting hotter and hotter - it's coming to a head!

And what about our own nature?

If you take a look at ourselves, you can't help but notice that all of this is also reflected in us! From many conversations over the last few years with all kinds of people, I know that we too have less and less room to breathe. We also lack air. The freedom. The feeling of having to do less and having more space to develop freely. All of this is reflected in the virus, which is about exactly that: breathing and air. The numerous lockdowns are a reflection of the lack of space, and the tension that is spreading here also shows that things are heating up. These are all my observations, but for me there is a very clear message behind them: the message of the Condor!


The secret of the Condor

Bolivian Vice President David Choquehuanca said in his famous speech at the end of 2020 "The Condor only flies when its right wing is in perfect harmony with its left wing", which means that the Condor's secret is to keep its balance. What's more: to always maintain it, to know exactly how to do so, because if it doesn't, it will crash.

The earth is out of balance!

This is precisely the message of nature that is behind everything for me personally: The earth is out of balance, and that is because we as humanity are out of balance. Not only have we become very numerous, we are also taking far more than nature can cope with, and we are not treating nature, animals or ourselves in a "species-appropriate" way. For years, we have not felt the small truth signals in the earth's body - as is often the case with our own body - at first our knee only hurts a little, but if we continue instead of taking care of the balance and restoring it, then it gets worse.


The earth is out of balance because we have forgotten to pay attention to its balance. To see ourselves as guardians of the earth who have a responsibility. Who not only take, but also give back so that the balance is maintained. And now the imbalance has spilled over onto us.

Our task is to take this message seriously!

To listen to it. And to ensure that the balance is restored. Starting with ourselves, our own nature, but also in our dealings with the earth, nature, animals and all living beings that contribute to maintaining balance.


Old knowledge for a new era

And here's the good news - despite all the unpleasant news, I personally also see that we are experiencing a shift in consciousness. Many people already sense that things can't go on like this. In my eyes, the virus is an incredibly great opportunity to reconnect with nature and move into the future together with it.

A future based on balance. In which we resurrect the ancient knowledge of the earth, of the indigenous peoples, of the interconnectedness of all life, and use the achievements of today to create balance. And I am convinced that if we learn to maintain balance again, if we learn to listen to nature again, then the Condor will fly!

Let's make nature great again!

If this article has inspired you, I would be delighted if you would share it with others,
and join me on my mission to create a new awareness of - our own - nature.

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Thank you for your time. I am delighted that we are working together on a new awareness of nature!

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