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10 facts about nature that will make you believe in Earthmagic again!

Have you ever thought about the fact that you are floating through space on a blue ball, surrounded by millions of stars, sharing this planet with animals like leopards or elephants? And isn't that alone enough for you to be part of a miracle that we call nature? In this day and age, we have forgotten to see the magic that lies hidden all around us, but I can promise you one thing: once you start to see it again, you will also believe in the magic within you. So immerse yourself in the magic of the earth and let it remind you that it lives within you too, simply because you are part of the earth.

#1 - Did you know that trees form friendships, provide each other with nutrients or arrange with each other
to bloom together?

Anna Zemann

Anna Zemann

#2 - Did you know that swans are very loyal animals? Once they have found each other, they stay together for life.

#3 - Did you know that there are so-called
"KEy-Animals" in nature? Wolves and elephants, for example, are among them. They ensure that the ecosystem is preserved.

Anna Zemann

Anna Zemann

#4 - Did you know that large mammals such as buffalo ensure that the seeds of plants are dispersed more quickly? If they are missing, nature also grows more slowly!

#5 - Did you know that birds can sing between 300 & 700 different verses? They practice daily to impress EACH OTHER!

Anna Zemann

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#6 - Did you know that water and energy lines run through the earth? When these lines cross, it is called a power place!

Anna Zemann

Anna Zemann

#7 - Did you know that the forest is connected underground by a gigantic network of mushrooms
? It is also called "World wide Wood"

#8 - Did you know that we share around 90% of our genes with apes? Our nature lives in them, or is it the other way around?

Anna Zemann

Anna Zemann

#9 - did you know that up to 100,000 animals live in one square meter of soil? The same applies to our sea. Everything around us is full of life!

10 - did you know that insects are the perfect recyclers and cleaners? They help us recycle in a natural way

Anna Zemann

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#9 - Interview: What does connection with nature mean to me?
I can remember my first evening in the African wilderness: in front of me was the warm campfire, behind me the cool night, above me the glittering starry sky, and all around me the mysterious sounds of animals - although all this was new to me, it felt like coming home, because something inside me remembered it ...
#8 - Natural wisdom: What can you learn from nature for yourself?
When I started studying nature, I didn't realize how much we can learn from it for our own growth in life. But we seem to have a magical connection with trees in particular, because every part of them is also a part of us. They are the ultimate mirror for growth and exemplify what it means to move out of your comfort zone ...


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One of my biggest Awakanders, the famous chimpanzee researcher and environmental activist Jane Goodall, says:
"We can't go through the world without making a difference, but we decide for ourselves what that difference is"! Therefore, no matter how big or small the contribution we make, the main thing is to make it. Because we not only have the privilege of being on earth, but also the wonderful responsibility as the generation of a new era to look after it again!

For this reason, I personally support my organizations of trust with all I do and create. They stand up for the earth, animals, nature, greater awareness and indigenous cultures. I would be delighted if you join me on that way. Each and everyone of us can make a change. And together we can achieve much more than we think! Let's make Earth great again!

Thank you!

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